Little Ambient Machine

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Making Pieces

Producing electronic music for a living, back in the 90’s, made me lose my inspiration. I ended up making music that ‘buyers’ wanted to hear. The eager to find new sounds and to discover new techniques disappeared slowly. I more or less stopped producing in 2003 due to a lack of inspiration and the collapse of the music industry.

There was Ableton and countless VST's but that didn't do it for me, to easy and not hands-on.

In 2016 I discovered Eurorack (better late than never) and a new world opened up. This modular system brought back inspiration and curiousity. Just fiddling with patch cables and knobs until something beautiful happens.

I love to create (generative) Soundscapes & Atmospheres.

Just for fun......with all my heart.


Have a listen, if you like what you hear you can download my music almost for free, make your own price and enjoy the music!


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